Friday, October 1, 2004

San Francisco GG Park

Traveled home to Palo Alto from Quincy, Ca via Marysville and San Francisco.

Had breakfast at a park in Marysville. Enjoyed the company of many feathered friends. One liked to perch on garbage cans. I saw her on top of several different cans.

I stopped in Golden Gate Park and looked around the Fushia Garden, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the Strybing Botanical Garden. This is a great park! Sometimes what's at home is as good or better than what you find on the road. I find all botanical gardens of interest though. There were lots of friendly squirrels like above.

I had noticed there were no koi fish in any of the ponds. As I was ready to leave three boxes were delivered. Inside each box was one big water filled bag with one big koi. They said they came from Capistrano. I hope they enjoy their new home.
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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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