Monday, November 8, 2004

I proved it again!

I think there must be some scientific formula relating the status of computer backups to computer failure. My laptop's hard drive failed yesterday and it's in the shop getting a new drive. I was worried I may have lost some pictures but fortunately they all seem to be backed up. Loosing those would have been bad, but I just got a bunch of programs setup for a project I'm working on and now I get to do that again. The laptop won't be back for a week so I expedited obtaining laptop #2. It's been on the list but I hadn't found one that was just right. #1 is a large multimedia laptop, more like a luggable, that does everything. #2 needed to be smaller, have a good sized hard drive, 802.11g WiFi, lightweight, etc. I found a 3200 Series Averatec that met all the requirements including costing around $1000. I get to use it for a while until #1 comes back and #2 should also cut the queue length down for computer users. Now to remember, "backup, backup, backup."

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