Monday, January 31, 2005

Palo Alto, Back Home

01/31 Monday: Nice to be home! I got the coach and car washed and parked. Now to start doing what I should have been doing instead of being gone and having fun.
02/03 Thursday: Working on tax preparation. What fun! More fence work needed. The fence at our rental in San Jose needs replacement. Estimating the cost of materials so the neighbor can share costs. There is an amazing increase in material costs between here and Bakersfield.
02/06 Sunday: My! The week passed quickly! Yesterday, Lou and I found a couple of under bed storage cabinets at the local thrift shop. So last night we installed one under Dawn's bed. Today we drained our water bed and installed one under it, then filled it up. That took most of the day. Both beds are a bit higher. For me, that's helpful.

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