Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Quartzsite, Day 6

I took a drive South on Hwy 95 to Palm Canyon, in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The desert is beautiful here. The extra green this year probably helps but this is a healthy desert here. There are supposed to be Bighorn Sheep here but I saw none. Not unusual though. I did see a lizard and some birds. The birds were singing unlike those near camp with long melodies.

The Palm Canyon is very pretty but if all you wanted to see was an oasis, forget it. There are a total of maybe 20 trees scattered in a few canyons that drain down into the canyon that the trail is in. Many people saw the sign that said "palms" with an arrow pointing left and said "where". They had to be told to look up, on the narrow slots (canyons) draining down to where they were standing.

See, I did really come here. The cactus on the right has a cute flower on it but it drops little round parts of itself on the desert floor. If you step on one, as I did, you have a devil of a time getting the spines out of your shoe.

Lots of flowers here.

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