Friday, April 8, 2005

View From Our Satellite

I was reminded last night of another feature of Google, Maps.
Google Maps are easy to use and satellite images are available as well.
View from "Our" satellite.
Map of our location.
Our current location is always available using the link on the top right sidebar under "Locate Us". This map is from the Datastorm Users website which also shows the location of many of the other Datastorm users. (The Datastorm Users forum is what reminded me of the Google maps) I tried this out several months ago after selecting "more" from the Google search screen. They're working on some interesting stuff. The Google map seems more detailed and the satellite view is quite interesting.
Enough fun, Since I returned home to Palo Alto last weekend, I started working on the "never ending" fence project. Our daughter's house in San Jose needs a new fence on one of the side yards. I wisely poured a concrete retaining wall/footing to the fence twenty years ago when I installed the existing fence and replacing the posts isn't a small task for a perfectionist like myself. Most of the concrete and old post bases have been removed but three stuborn post bases remain. I'm not as young as I once was and the fact it started to rain yesterday and continues today is quite helpful in that I have time to recover from my work alergy attack. I'm installing steel anchors for the posts so I hopefully won't ever have to do this again.

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