Thursday, June 9, 2005

Hart Park

Today, I found it necessary to not work. I cleaned up some paperwork spread around the RV and made a few calls to straighten out improper billing for some services. The time was flying by so I hurried over the to RV Peddler, an RV dealer just North of where I'm staying in Bakersfield. They have a dealership in Yuma, Az and bring their stuff up here when it gets too hot there. They're trying to sell all the trade-ins and left over new RVs from there. They had a nice 02 National Tradewind but I'm just looking for now, ...just looking for now!
I woke up the RV and took it to Camping World to get LPG and to dump the holding tanks. I also got gas. I didn't want to wait too long. Prices have been down to $2.21/gallon for the past week and I don't want to miss out. I did miss a little, it started up and was $2.23 today. Two weeks ago when I filled up it was $2.39.
Since the RV was rolling, I went out to Hart Park for the evening. Hart Park is an old County Park Northeast of town. It's along the Kern River and has lots of ponds of it's own. The ducks seem to enjoy it a lot.

The water is very still on the lake and there is a good reflection.

Ducks all in a row! On the right above is the creek that drains from the lake in the park.

Intresting Palms and on the right, a view down the Kern River.

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