Monday, July 18, 2005

The Long Hot Summer

It’s been very hot here. 111 degrees in the RV, with just the vent fans. The AC in the RV can't keep up with the heat. The compressor shuts down when it gets too hot. With the fans, at least, it stays about at the outside temperature. We're in the house where it stays much nicer.
Even with the heat and the fact we only had signs on the street, no ads, we still had around 15 people stop by to see the house. One lady brought back here husband one time and her mother-in-law another time. She's very interested but can't afford our price. We'll keep her name, you never know what might happen?
Brother Ernie called. He was in Santa Maria and had a load to pickup in Buttonwillow at FritoLay. He'll be headed for Vancouver, Washington. We had dinner at the Roadhouse Saturday evening. I was up very late working on some computer stuff that had to be done ASAP. Sunday, we worked on getting his SkyFi radio working. The FM modulator/Power Supply was fried. A visit to Radio Shack for a power adapter and a cable fixed that. Ernie Left about 3pm to get his load. Buttonwillow is about 22 miles west of Bakersfield. Don took a nice nap to catch up on lost sleep. Afternoon naps seem to be part of getting older?
Today, Monday, Lou went with her friend Anita to look up some things at the County Recorders Office.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we head for cooler climates. We are going to Morrow Bay where the high temperature is reportedly 70 degrees.

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