Thursday, September 8, 2005

Back to San Luis Obispo

Wednesday, I replaced the dishwasher for the tenant in San Jose. They also get a new refrigerator next week. Both were in their twenty somethings. Ok, enough already! Lou and I did a lot more cleanup around our house and the three of us, Mr Milo included, finally headed out of town again late Thursday Afternoon. We stopped for dinner in Gilroy because we had escaped just ahead of the evening traffic jam and it was dinner time. We stopped at the Longhorn Restaurant on Monterey Highway. We shared a nice londen broil steak.
We arrived at El Churro Regional Park in San Luis Obispo about 8pm. The place is fairly empty so we got the campsite we were in last time, a pull through with a view. We were tired so we just dropped anchor and will hookup tomorrow.
We called Don's Uncle Doug and Aunt Helen to meet for Breakfast tomorrow morning. Last week, they drove their RV over to their timeshare RV park in Pismo Beach.
We're not sure how long we'll be here a couple of days to a week? Boy, retirement is nice!
Now that we're here, perhaps I'll get some pictures. I have a couple to add to some previous posts but not much has been photogenic recently.

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