Thursday, September 29, 2005

Muskrat Love

Monday we had some rain here. Lou likes these clouds. We usually don't get defined puffy clouds in Palo Alto. Here in Bakersfield they evidently do.
Kern River Park Kern River Park
Kern River Park Kern River Park
Kern River Park Kern River Park
Kern River Park Kern River Park Flowers
Tuesday and Thursday we took morning walks below the bluffs along the river and canals East of Manor Street in Bakersfield. The weather was nice. The canal is kind of bare but there were lots of ducks, Canadian geese, blue heron, and sandpipers?
Kern River Park Ducks Kern River Park Ducks
Kern River Park Waterfowl Kern River Park Muskrat
We also saw what looked like little river otters. We've never seen these here before. Turns out they are probably muskrats (per our National Audubon Society field guide for California). They look like an otter except for size and the look of the tail. 24 inch long rats swimming along, diving and eating vegetation as they float downstream is an interesting sight. They're cute as otters anyway.
House Moving House Moving
Wednesday night we chased another moving house. The crew now recognizes us. This one went southwest of town about 20 miles to Buena Vista, almost to Taft. They miscalculated clearance for some bridge abutments and other fixed objects which adjusted the look of the house appropriately. This house was about 45 feet wide and 70 feet long. It kind of filled the road.

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