Thursday, October 20, 2005

Highway 1,

On our way out of the Pismo Beach camp, we stopped by the sanitary dump. The black water valve handle broke off when opening the valve. We were able to complete dumping and close the valve but now the fun begins. It will have to be replaced before we can dump again so we can't use the black water sources until it's fixed. I've been putting off replacing the discharge flange which has a broken anchor pin. Now, since a mess must be made I can kill two birds and fix both and only have to shower excessively once.
We left Pismo Beach and headed up to San Luis Obispo to see Lou's niece Michelle.
We then hit the road north on Highway 1. We had some low clouds leaving San Luis Obispo but most of the way was nice and clear, great viewing. We checked out a few campsites for future use.

The coast views at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park are spectacular. The water fall, in the bottom two pictures, flowing off a cliff to the beach doesn't have much water, but thats normal for the little fall. It is really pretty. Too bad you can't hike down to the beach.
When we pulled into Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park we realized our mistake almost immediately. It's not made for RVs at all let alone one with a toad. We made it through without disconnecting but it involved going over a few curbs.
We had intended to spend another night along the coast on our way home but due to the plumbing problem decided to keep going. We stopped in Castroville for artichoke soup, possibly the only place to get it is at the Giant Artichoke. We arrived home a little after 8pm. It's nice to be home. Mr Milo got more excited the closer we got to home and was happy to arrive home.

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