Monday, October 31, 2005

Home Life

When we're home, it seems like nothing that's happening is worthy of a blog entry. We are probably busier than when we're on the road but life seems slower just the same. So here are a couple of notes on our recent activities.
New Filter For Wilton
Last week, I installed a new water filter in the kitchen. The old one just didn't taste right since the last filter change and sanitation. I couldn't get the chlorine taste out of it. I couldn't find a new cheap one locally but when we were in San Luis Obispo they had one at Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH). We hauled it around a while but it finally was installed. I had to rebuild the cabinet under the sink due to some water damage and was able to place the new water filter in a different location to make more space usable. the previous installation pretty much took up the whole cabinet. By cutting a hole in the bottom of the cabinet so the tank sat a couple of inches lower, it was able to be placed under the disposer and this made the new installation only take up about a third of the space.
Lou's been busy collecting a bunch of ceramic molds. Lou works in clay and since she hurt her hands, doesn't use a wheel any more but does do casting and glazing. She gets several hundred new molds per year from a friend but has to thin them out to conserve storage space, which is limited. When we travel, she brings along a bunch of bisque items to work on. She usually just paints these.
New Cooler
When we were out shopping Friday, I found a great deal on evaporative coolers in San Mateo of all places. We just got one for Dawn a couple of months ago and had to pay a lot for it. If we had waited, we could have gotten it for a third of the price. Too bad, but it was such a good deal we got a couple anyway. Saturday, I used one as a replacement for our cooler which was probably over twenty years old and ready to go. The other one will be placed into storage and used if needed. It's just about the size needed for the RV if we were to stay somewhere hot and dry for an extended period.
Sunday, Lou and I did a little cleanup and hauled a load to the dump. Every little bit helps.

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