Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pismo Beach Enroute Home

When we woke this morning, we had plans of going back to the Pomona RV show.

On the left above is our limousine from the parking lot to the Fairplex RV show grounds. Yesterday afternoon, the show closed early due to a deluge that flooded the show and presented a hazard due to the electrical cables all over the ground. On the right above is a sample of several streams that flowed through the show grounds and vendor tent. We got rain checks and intended to return to get some items from the tent vendors and see the remaining 1/3 of the RV's. Our neighbor in the RV park was working the show and told us that it was closed again today so we left the area and headed home.

We stopped for the night in Pismo Beach at the North Beach Campground. We're heading down town for dinner at Pismo Fish and Chips, 505 Cypress St. Best fish and chips in California South of Crescent City are here. We had a very nice campsite right next to the beach. The weather is still very nice but a little cooler and wetter on occasion
Our Realtor called us just as we were about to enter the campground with and offer on the house. We'll see if the counter offer is accepted. What a difference a Realtor makes.

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