Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Tehachapi Railroad Loop

Tehachapi RR Loop Tehachapi RR Loop
We took a drive east of town looking around. We went East on back roads paralleling Hwy 58 up to Keene, an old railroad town that is now the home of the United Farm Workers headquarters but probably more famous for one of the five wonders of the railroad world, the Tehachapi Loop. Just above the engines on the bottom right of the left picture above are the railcars in the middle of the long train. In the right picture, you can see the cars entering a tunnel going under the engine that is pulling it. An amazing feat. My third grade class went on a field trip riding the train from Bakersfield to Tehachapi going through the many tunnels (Originally 18) and around the loop. In 1971 passenger train service was discontinued. Too bad. This is no longer a steam train route, which we always try to see, but is still interesting.
Web cam of Tehachapi Loop.

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