Sunday, December 4, 2005

A New Restaurant

We had dinner last night from Hawiian Barbecue. They just opened up last night a couple of blocks from home and sounded good. We got three different items, to go, to try them out. Don found them interesting but slightly high priced. Lou and Dawn thought they tasted good but didn't ride well. It's nice to have another option available.
We are lucky to have quite a group of places nearby. Within three blocks are: Thai City, Compadres and Celia's (both Mexican Restaurants), Taqueria El Grullense, Taco Bell, Ace Sandwiches, Mr Chau's (a Chinese cafeteria style fast food), Jack In The Box, Happy Donut, Quisno Subs, Baja Fresh, Boston Market and more.
Within ten blocks there are probably 30 or more restaurants, most local places but some chains.
Our favorite nearby places are Mr Chau's, Pizz'a Chicago, The Fish Market, Celia's, Olive Garden, and Joanie's Cafe. All are within an easy walk.

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