Thursday, August 2, 2007

On The Road Again

The wisteria did recover on the new arbor The deck fountain.
Over the summer, the wisteria did recover on the new arbor. As did the plants around the fountain on the deck that we rattled earlier as well.
Wednesday: We were packing and prepping to leave most of the day. I took the RV down to Oil Changers to get the oil changed. I also emptied and filled the appropriate tanks. The RV windows were all washed as well as all the toad. The final stowing of things that have returned from the project in San Jose was completed as well.

Dawn had an interview at Stanford for an internship. She said it went well.

Basement Walls Done
Thursday: The neighbors basment is coming along. The basement walls are done.

It's always hard to actually get away after being home for a while. We finally got away about 13:30. We headed North on Highway 280. Traffic through San Francisco was nice except for the occasional SUV driver that can't stay in their lane. Lanes are kind of tight there and there isn't enough room to share a lane. There were quite a few construction zones heading North which caused many slow ups. We stopped in Petaluma about 15:30 to look at the military museum there. Dawn' loves it. We also took a walk around downtown as well. There are some very interesting antique shops there. We were back on the road about 17:30. Traffic started backing up coming into Santa Rosa so we stopped at a Safeway to do some shopping. We picked up dinner of a salad and big sandwich which we all shared.

We continued North to Ukiah and stopped at the WalMart for the night. Its quite warm here tonight.

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