Thursday, August 23, 2007

Visiting Home

We returned Sunday afternoon and after a good relaxation period did the usual cleanup and unpacking.

Monday was more of the same. I spent some time "working" in preparation for a business meeting Wednesday. Lou's been cleaning and working on her hobbies. Dawn's been busy preparing for school and enjoying the last of her break.
I had a dentist appointment Tuesday. Always fun! Otherwise more of the same.

Wednesday Dawn and I went down to San Jose. Dawn worked on reorganizing her apartment. It had been packed up due to the reflooring project. I had a business meeting. Though I really enjoy retirement I may actually do a dab of work. I actually hope it isn't habit forming.

Friday morning Dawn got a surprise when she went in the kitchen. It was kind of sticky. She had made a bunch of root beer the night before and one had exploded. Quite a mess with spots of root beer all over everything ceiling, walls and floor. Luckily nobody was injured as a result of the disaster.

I've been trying to equalize my AGM batteries. They haven't been working well since they were fully discharged a couple of months ago. The Freedom inverter charger can't do it because it's only exercise voltage is 16.2 volts. The sealed AGM batteries want no more than 15.5 volts. As it happens, the SolarBoost 2000E charge controller can. It has a 15.2 volt equalize voltage. (actually 1.2 volts over the adjustable charge voltage of 14 volts) I adjusted the charge voltage so the the equalize voltage was 15.5 volts. I had to move the RV to expose the panels to accomplish the task. The neighbors tree has to be trimmed regularly for the RV to fit in the driveway but still shades the panels when backed in as usual. I pulled the RV in forward and the panels are exposed so the charger can do its job. We'll see how it goes and if the batteries can be resurrected. It will probably take several cycles to resurrect them if possible.

Saturday was more of the same. i have to be present when the batteries are under equalizing charge so I tinkered on the computer most of the day. Among other things i found a good deal on replacement batteries, if the price is still true. Therir still 33% more than last time but at least not 100% more like most all other vendors. Evidently the cost of lead makes a BIG difference.

Lou and Dawn hit a few garage sales and tinkered on crafts.

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