Sunday, June 1, 2008

Never Satisfied

Monday: (05/26) It's been cool for a while now. Why not some normal weather?

I tinkered with the computer all day. My feet need to recover from yesterdays fun. Lou and Dawn did their own tinkering.

Tuesday: (05/27) I prepared a list of things to do and am trying to cross out a couple of items each day. At least that will be some progress.

Another trip on the train to San Francisco this evening for a BAADAUG Adobe User Group meeting. We learned something about software design patterns for Flex.

Wednesday: (05/28) We met Dawn(2) and Courtney for breakfast at the Cozy Cafe on the Alameda in San Jose. It's a very nice restaurant near the airport. After breakfast we dropped them off at the terminal for their flight back to Amherst, MA.

We then stopped by the Valley Faire (Westfield) Mall in San Jose for a look around then Santana Row shops across the street. When Lou was worn out we headed home. I noticed that Best Buy had the printer I want for only $99. I need to replace the printer in the RV so the style is rather set due to placement. I didn't get it because I'd prefer to leave the taxes closer to home.

Thursday: (05/29) I went over to our local Best Buy to get the printer. The one I went to in Mountain View didn't have any. They checked inventory and conformed that the East Palo Alto store had some, 21. i only need one so I went over. This printer, the Brother mfc465cn has been on sale as low as $130 recently but the $99 price cinched the deal. As I said, the type of printer is fixed due to placement. While it's close to the correct size, it is a bit bigger than the old mfc420cn that it replaces. So, I had to rebuild the "cabinetry" that I whipped together when i install the old printer 3 years ago. I never made a permanent cabinet for it. The temporary cabinet worked so well. It just had to have a little extra width and height for the new printer. The old printer just would always wake up when we needed it and hopefully the new one will work better.

A visit to Costco for blue towels and a few other things.

Friday: (05/30) Dawn went over to the library at Stanford today.

Saturday: (05/31) Lou's getting better. The frog is almost gone.

Dawn went over to the library at Stanford again today. Her library card expires tomorrow.

I moved the TV out of the RV back to the study. A pain but moving it up to 4 times a year seems more practical than getting another. With the soon to be change to DTV I even debated whether to bother changing to DTV or abandoning watching TV. When I broke the RV TV, we even went on a couple of trips without the front TV with no harm to our health. I also made another trip to Costco for more zip-lock bags. We forgot to get them day before yesterday when we were there. We use a lot of them. There isn't too much we buy there because the quantities are to large. Primarily we get blue towels and zip-lock bags. but manage to find a few other things on each visit.

Sunday: (06/01) A farmers market visit is on the calendar today.

Note: I may abbreviate posting while we're home. It's hard to find anything interesting to blog about but then this is sort of a diary as well so who knows?

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