Sunday, February 8, 2009

Las Vegas In The Rain

Sunday: (02/08) I've been below most of the recent rain storm until now. Now I'm in the thick of it. I arrived at The Orleans Casino again. Our home away from home for Las Vegas now. This report may get boring if the others aren't already. I tinkered inside most of the day. The rain from last night hasn't really been to present though it was overcast much of the day. There was the occasional sun burst through the clouds though.

Monday: (02/09) I caught the I215 freeway and circled around Las Vegas to Henderson and the Sunset Station Casino. I checked with security and they allow overnight stays by RV's in their lot.

Sunset Station campsite
They have an area marked off with large spaces but no signs directing one to them. I had already found them but the security guard recommended them as well. I took a stroll around the nearby shopping centers. The casino is surrounded by every chain store imagine. I wanted to visit a couple. I stopped at the Costco to resupply a couple of things best found there like our blue towels. I stopped by Walmart's and got oil. The RV is using a lot recently? I need to keep a better watch on it.

For dinner I looked around in the casino. There was , of course, the Feast Buffet (too much). There was Hooters (humm!), there were several fast food places, Quisno's, Fatburger's, Sbarro's Pizza, and Panda Express. Why? Who wants to escape to Las Vegas for the same junk food found everywhere. There were several "fine" restaurants, the kind with table cloths, Capri Itallian Restorante, Oyster Bar and Sonoma Celler. I don't care for table cloth restaurants. And of course the Cafe and Viva Salsa. I finally decided on the Guadalajara Bar and Grille. Good choice. They have the best salsa bar I've ever seen and all 10 or more are excellent, though many too hot for my taste. You help yourself to the salsa and chips. I ordered a combination chilli relleno and a shredded beef burrito. It came with rice and beans and was excellent as well. Every thing seems home made and they must eat here as well because it was sooo good. I'm adding this to the return visit list.

Tuesday: (02/10) Another day at Sunset Station Casino. It's really quite quiet here compared to The Orleans, only a couple of other RV's. I didn't have breakfast, wasn't at all hungry. Last nights dinner stuck to the ribs, I guess. Walked over to Best Buy across the street and bough a secure jump drive. My existing jump drives have no security if lost. I tinkered with it setting it up and did other computing and programming most of the day. It was gusty most of the day, cold but no rain. Just before dark I took a walk around looking at some of the stores previously not visited. and for a potential place to eat dinner. I returned to the Guadalajara Bar and Grille in the Sunset Station Casino for dinner. I had a Pollo Enrique Relleno which was a piece of chicken stuffed with spinach and all stuffed into a poblano chili and turned into a relleno. Very good. I think I like this place!

After dinner I did my duty and invested a $1 in a slot machine. It actually took a while to digest it this time, unlike normally. That's my gambling investment so far on this visit.

I then returned to the RV and watched the remaining NCIS (darn), and the Mentalist. These are a couple of the TV shows I do like to watch.

Wednesday: (02/11) The sun was out and it wasn't as cold as the weather reports predicted, or I'm getting used to the cold? I cleaned up myself and drove across the street to the Best Buy lot. I cooked another Don McMuffin (Quartzsite sausage patty, fried egg, cheese on an English muffin. I think I like these things. I popped the dish up and am tinkering at the computer. One task was to find the location of a DIY car wash to get this RV cleaned up. It really shows that it's been in the desert, in the dust and rained on. I also needed to catch up on the blog posts.

About 2pm I went over to the spray wash on Warm Springs South of Eastern. They said they had a big one for RV's. Well sort of. They do have two with high clearance but getting to them isn't easy. i wouldn't want to try with anything longer than my 30' rig. They also aren't any longer so it's a choice of which end to wash. I washed off the dist fairly well for about $5 in quarters. You get 30" for $.25, not bad but time does fly. I then went over to the Gold Coast. it's across the street from the Rio. I had dinner at the Gold Coast at the buffet. I walked across the street to the Rio and checked on their Show In The Sky, which I like. I wanted to see it again before it closes due to the recession like most of the shows in Las Vegas. Something about a loss of discretionary cash? Unfortunately it's dark Wednesdays so I caught the shuttle to the Strip. I walked along the strip looking at the casinos. Most are pretty bare. It is mid week but looks like most are only 1/6 of normal crowds. I stopped by a tix4less shop and got a ticket for a show. 1/2 price is good. The Tropicana's Folies Bergere is closing after an almost 50 year run and I've never seen it so I did tonight. It was very good. How they do so much in such an old small house is amazing. Of course the technical and historical aspects were my only interest. I was too late to catch the shuttle back to the Rio. Though they say they run until 1am, they don't. They quit at 1am so the last bus leaves before that. I should have asked. It's not really far to walk across the freeway back to the Gold Coast but it wasn't planned.

Thursday: (02/12) The weather is nice but has broken clouds. Here at the Gold Coast there are only a couple of RV's and trucks and one reason may be the noise. Seems like there was always something talking, trucks, ??. I didn't really get too interested and find out what it was but I may change positions in the lot for tonight. I moved over to another shopping center on Maryland for the day. Breakfast was another Don McMuffin. I basically just worked at the computer all day.

In the evening, I walked across the street and watched my favorite show, the Show In The Sky at the Rio. It's free and a pretty good show though not as good as it was a couple of years ago when I wrote this blog entry and here. It just seems too McDonald's like or unimaginative now. They also don't use the technology to the advantage the old show did. The only have three different shows now instead of the 6 or more they used to do. There is no street carnival intro to the show with jugglers, mimes and stilt walkers as before. Most shows are 6 girls and 6 guys and they now have live male and female singer as part of the group. The old show had 4 guys and 6 gals and all caned music but the old music was much better as were the dancers. In one of the three shows they go all out and have 6 guys and 12 girls. They robbed some girls from the overhead gondolas and don't run them around the room until after the main part of the show giving some of the dancers a chance to get on the gondolas. Still the best (free) show in Las Vegas. Ah, I like free!

I spent the night in the Gold Coast parking lot again tonight.

Friday: (02/13) I pulled out and went by the Springs Preserve just up the road on Valley View. I've wanted to look it over. But, It's not RV friendly and I only wanted to see the free trails at this time but didn't find and easy way so this remains for another visit. I went to the Meadows Mall nearby and looked around, bought tho obligatory valentines card and candy and tweaked the computer all day.

It changed from sunny to foggy or at least very low gray clouds and the wind began heavy gusts. About 6pm I went over to Jerry's Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas for dinner. Actually the purpose was cheese cake. they make the best. I had another Mexican combination chili relleno and beef burrito. pretty good and plentiful. i stopped half way through to get the cheese cake which i also only ate half of. Nice half dinner.

I then returned to the Gold Coast parking lot and went to the Rio for another look at the shows. When i returned late in the evening it was time for the rest of the cheese cake.

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