Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blue Lake Casino

Saturday: (05/15) Another nice clear morning. It seems to be clear in the mornings and cloudy in the afternoons up here.

We left our camp as soon as we were up and continued South on Highway 3. We planned to stop for breakfast at trinity Center but the only restaurant we could find was closed and for sale so we continued on finally stopping in Weaverville at the Veterans Hall for a nice sausage and grave with eggs breakfast. Excellent breakfast. After breakfast we explored some of the shops downtown then continued West on Highway 299.

Lavender Flowers Yellow Flowers
We tried out a couple of campgrounds along the way but decided to continue on. We also stopped for a couple of flower picture stops on the way West on highway 299.

Purple Flower Ball Highway 299 Photo Stop
It's nice to be back where flowers feel safee to come out.

White Flower Wand Purple Flowers
There were several different flowers and blossoms along this route that we haven't seen yet.

Yellow Flower And Bug Large White Flower
Must be fresh flowers if the bugs like them. The white flowers on the right is about 5-6 inches in diameter and only was seen a couple of places but was abundant at those sites.

Fuzzy White Flower
The white flower above seemed to agree with our opinion in that it was wearing a fuzzy jacket as well.

Blue Lake Casino Campsite
We finally stopped in Blue Lake at the casino. they have a nice RV area with a dump. We had to register and signed up for their Players Club to stay but they gave us $5 of free play each. That's five times what we normally gamble. Oh boy, big time! Since they give us three nights we'll probably call this home for at least two and tour Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and Arcata from here.

After we were settled in, we went downtown in Blue Lake and looked around. Not too much happening there like on our last visit during the Folklife Festival. We headed over to the Cookhouse on the Somoa Penensula (Eureka). We had their lumbercamp cookhouse dinner, a requirement when we visit the area. Ham, chicken, baked potatoes, corn, salad, and split pea soup followed by chocolate cake.

We returned to the casino and gambled our free play tripling it. We spent the evening doing that. Winning at an Indian Casino is kind of rare for us.

Sunday: (05/16) We drove over to downtown Arcata and had breakfast at Rita's Mexican restaurant. More like lunch since it was just before noon. We looked around some of the shops and at an art festival there. Then we headed down to Eureka to Pierson's Building Center. This is another must stop for us whe we are in town. Before heading home we stopped out at Redwood Acres, the Eureka fairgrounds to visit the cats at the horse barns. There weren't as many as last time but they were just as friendly. Lou fixed hamburgers with coleslaw for dinner.

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