Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eureka, Redwood Acres Fairground

Tuesday: (05/25) It may be a good thing we came early. The fairground's RV spaces were filling up and many are being held for a rally this weekend but they spaces are all being held vacant until they arrive. This is the first time this trip that we've had hookups. With this rain, that may be nice.

We'll be here in Eureka through the weekend for the Kinetic Races that start Saturday in Arcata and end Monday In Ferndale.

Lou cooked some spinach, onions and Italian sausage for a late lunch. We went out to the China Buffet for dinner.

Our Campsite At Readwood Acres Fairgrounds  An Interesting Ringed Flower Near The Beach At Somoa
Above left is our campsite at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. On the right are some interesting flowrs out near the Somoa Cookhouse .

Wednesday: (05/26) Lou left early for home to pick up Dawn. She'll be back late Thursday. I fixed a Don McMuffin for breakfast. Since it was raining much of the day I enjoyed some time at home. For lunch i fixed stir fry vegetables and some leftover diced pork. About 5pm it was looking nicer outside so I took a walk around the neighborhood. For dinner I had a Marie Calendar chicken pot pie.

Thursday: (05/27) Breakfast was a banana. I took a walk about 11am. The goal was to find a place to eat, look around, and get out of the house for a while. In the morning there was only the occasional rain so it looked like it might be a good time for a walk. I looked around some of the neighborhoods  near our camp and ended up in Cutten, a neighborhood South and West  of our camp. I was hungry by then so I stopped at the first place I saw, Easy Taco. I had a fish taco and a tamale. I continued looking around the neighborhoods on a looping path back to Harris street. I was looking around the Eureka Mall at Staples when it started to rain heavily. I examined the store more thoroughly than I had intended and it was still raining so I had to venture out to continue on to the Bayshore Mall. I looked around the mall and spent some extra time in Borders bookstore and it was still raining.

Lou and Dawn were headed back up here to Eureka but were not going to be back until late so my original plan of getting a ride home with them wasn't going to happen so I started walking back to the fairgrounds in the rain. My odometer isn't working but my guess it wsas near 4 miles back because it took about an hour. fortunately, the rain lighted up on the way and mostly stopped as I got back home. Typical.

I warmed up the last of the potato salad, added some cheese on top and added a sausage and called it dinner.

Lou and Dawn had dinner in Garberville on the way and arrived home about 9:30.

Friday: (05/28) We skipped breakfast but later did go to the Cookhouse for an early lunch of fish, baked beans, green beans, fettuccine, and the usual soup and salad all followed with some chocolate cake. After lunch we went up to Arcata. Dawn browsed all the book stores. Lou visited all the thrift stores and I visited the BLM office. After all investigations were complete we returned to Eureka for some more thrift store visits then a visit to Pierson's hardware. Lou and I had been some of these places before but Dawn hadn't. For dinner Lou made spaghetti with  a ham tomato sauce.

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