Saturday, May 1, 2010

Return To Lone Pine

Our Strawberry Sundae's With Bakersfield Strawberry Jam
Saturday: (05/01) We arrived in Lone Pine about 5:30 PM. McDonald's provided Internet access for this post and some ice cream to eat with some of the strawberry jam that Lou, Helen and Lusetta made. We'll head back up the Witney Portal Road to Movie Road to camp near where we stayed last week. Tomorrow we'll probably continue a little further North.

Our New, Old Campsite In the Alabama Hills
After we arrived we took a short hike down the Wash below our campsite. The rocks make it challenging to get down to the bottom of the wash and the occasional stream.

Lou On The Rocks Not A Dry Wash In Alabama Hills
Lou on the rocks above our campsite. The wash we hiked down on the right.

Small Water tank On Alabama Hills Wash Wet Wash Trail In Alabama Hills
I found a nice water tank in the rocks of the wash.  A wide spot in the wash with a stream.

Precarious Rock Over Stream Trail Thistle Flower
Our precarious path down the wash. And another thistle flower.

Dandilion Flower Fuzzy Catus Flower
Dandelion and a puffy ball flowered cactus.

White Flowers
White flowers.

Yellow Flower Ball White Flowers
And more white flowers.

Alabama Hills Sunset Alabama Hills Sunset
We made it back before it got dark and enjoyed a nice sunset over the mountains. Lou fixed chicken with a carrot and raisin salad and corn on the cob for dinner.

Lou at Alabama Hills Water Tank Thistle Flower and Bud
Sunday: (05/02) Lou fixed eggs with some leftover fried chicken and potatoes for breakfast. It was windy all night and is still blowing this morning. We took another walk around a different section of our wash. We started close to our camp and followed the wash down to the water tank I saw yesterday. Lou examined it thoroughly. We then crossed the creek and came back on the other side.

Dog or Frog? Rock Alabama Hills Campsite
We then prepared to leave and brought the RV out to Whitney Portal Road and left it and drove up Whitney Portal Road to Whitney Portal in the car.

Looking Up Whitney Portal Road near the end Looking Down over the Alabama Hills where we camped (the little hills before the tall
Here are a couple of photos from our trip up Whitney Portal Road. I forgot my cameras so I only had my phone which takes lousy photos, especially in the cold. We were above the snow line at the portal and the view down 5000 feet to where we camped in the Alabama Hills is impressive in real life, though not so much so in the photo on the right above.

There is still a lot of snow on the ground up there but the road and parking lots are clear. Not much to do there since we didn't plan on hiking in the snow but you do get really nice views along the road.

When we got back to the RV we went on down to Lone Pine and stopped at the Alabama Hills Cafe again and had a slice of peach pie each to start, then shared a chicken fried steak breakfast for the rest of our lunch. Fortified, we hit the road North at 1:15.

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