Monday, June 14, 2010

RV Repair, Plumbing Problems

Monday: (06/14) I was up really early to hookup the toad and take the RV down to San Jose to Leale's RV to get the transmission looked at. It has a problem of not staying in 1st or 2nd gear when going down hills. Hopefully it's not a serious problem. I stopped for a chorizo breakfast burrito. I then went over to Dawn's to work on her computer to speed it up and update the software. Lou and Dawn came down on the bus, Dawn to work and Lou to help me work on the bathtub leak. But first we went to the House Of Pizza for lunch. they make a great combo pizza. After lunch, we tried our best but couldn't get the leak stopped, just reduced considerably. To do more will take an undetermined amount of time and will be a destructive repair to replace all the drain piping with little access so there will be no turning back once we start so we want an entire day before we start that. We also completed removing the leaves from the wisteria on the garage. There was less wind today and we had room in the car to haul the stuff off. We stopped for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet.

Tuesday: (06/15) Lou started our day with a nice omelet. Lou and I spent the morning shopping at Lowe's for materials to replace the the bathtub drain piping at the San Jose house. We'll do it tomorrow morning to give us the whole day to get it back together. It's a pretty tight spot with poor access so it may be fun. We also explored ways to cool Ernie's trailer.  We also ordered a new range for the house. Lunch was leftover pizza. Our afternoon was spent pruning our neighbors tree. It's the tree that is adjacent and over where our RV is parked. They finally are allowing us to trim the 20' tall bush into a tree so the RV won't be parked in a tunnel any longer. Lou and I went to the LUU Noodle House for dinner of our usual combination chow fun and some egg rolls.

Wednesday: (06/16) Cereal for breakfast before we were off early toward San Jose. I needed a couple more things for today's work so we stopped by Lowe's on the way. We arrived at the house just after 9am to start the repair of the leaky bathtub. The tub drain fittings replacement went fairly smoothly thanks to my trusty sawsall but it took the rest of the afternoon and another stop at Lowe's to get the drain lines re-connected. Fortunately after all was connected it didn't leak so it was a productive day. For lunch Lou and I split a burrito for Super Taquiera. When Dawn came back to her place from work we headed home stopping at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner again.

Thursday: (06/17) Lou fixed fried potatoes, ham and eggs for breakfast. The weather has been nice recently. Ernie's lawn patching in the back yard is working and there are lots of little green spouts popping up where there was hard clay dirt. We intended to go to the San Mateo Fair this afternoon but Leale's RV called and said our motorhome is ready to pickup so we headed down and I brought home . I fueled up and filled the LPG on the way so we're ready to roll and ready if it rolls (earthquakes). The transmission had a bad switch that caused the low gears to not work correctly. All in all a cheap fix even though the $60 part was a tenth of the total cost of the repair. Lou and Dawn are doing more thrift store looking on their way home from dropping me off. When I got home I finished packing the remaining tree trimmings into the compost bins. our trimming of the neighbors tree produced about 180 gallons trimmings (three 60 gallon bins). Lunch was a ham sandwich.

Friday: (06/18) Dawn fixed ham and cheese bagels for breakfast. We pretty much took the morning off. For lunch, we went to the Sunny Chinese Buffet in Sunnyvale for my Fathers day meal. Yeah, it's a couple of days early but we hate crowds that much. Even being early, there was still a good crowd. My brother Ernie, Dawn's friend Courtney and our neighbor Meili and her daughter Annan had lunch with us. After lunch Dawn. Lou and i headed up to the San Mateo Fair. Our own Santa Clara County Fair is dead, a fair in name only, just a carnival and vendors now. San Mateo's fair still has FFA and 4H participation with animals, crafts and art. Still a pretty good fair. We got to enjoy the pig races too. After the fair, we stopped by nearby Hillsdale Mall for a quick look before they closed. Our dinner when we got home was leftovers.

Saturday: (06/19) Ham and cheese bagels for breakfast, again. The only thing i accomplished today was to get the RV and toad washed. Lou and Dawn planted more of their garden. Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches. Dinner was salmon, asparagus and rice.

Sunday: (06/20) For some reason Lou fixed my favorite breakfast corned beef hash and eggs. I worked on the RV some today cleaning the roof vent fans and fixing the fantastic fan that has had problems with the open/close motor not stopping. I disconnected it since we almost always have it open anyway and the manual operator is easier to use anyway. i also drained and refilled to water tank so we're ready for the unexpected. I also helped Ernie fix the backyard gate lock and started some more fence building by installing a temporary fence by the new garden spot so I can rebuild the fence and keep the dog in the yard as well. Lou and Dawn were busy with their projects like starting planter gardens. Lou fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, another favorite. Dawn made some corn and barley chowder soup for dinner.

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