Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid-Summer Already

It's already the middle of the three months of summer. Wow!

Sunday: (07/18) Apricot blintzes for breakfast. Our apricot tree was productive this year. I worked at the computer much of the morning and then did a few little projects off my todo list. Lou was busy working on the doll pieces she cast earlier. White fish with Armenian cucumbers and rice for dinner.

(07/19) The weather was cooler all day,maybe a high of 72 degrees. Rather nice after our sort of hot spell. Of course, our hot isn't like most of the country's hot.

Leftover apricot blintzes for breakfast. Lou was off to a doctos appointment this morning. I tinkered on the RV fixing a couple of broken drawer runners. Fixed a carpet edge strip. And organized the RV office. I then got the bike out and rode down to the San Antonio Shopping Center to meet Lou. Unfortunately, Lou was running late so we didn't have time to do the grocery shopping. We had to get home to pickup our neighbor and go to Costco for the Costco shopping list items. Paper towels, paper plates, Italian sausage etc. Most of the stuff there comes in large quantities than we like so we limit what we get there to the before mentioned type of things. We started with lunch at their hot dog stand. With that mission accomplished, we returned home to unload. Then we returned to the shopping center to do our grocery and hardware shopping without the neighbor. I picked up a few odds and ends to complete a few small projects on my todo list. We had roast chicken with peas and white beans for dinner. After dinner I baked the sausage. I also fried up a bunch of pork chops, all for the freezer and quick use later.

Tuesday: (07/20) Dawn fixed Swedish pancakes for breakfast. I tinkered at the computer most of the morning. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich. In the afternoon i finally got to work in the backyard on rebuilding the garden fence. I had to start by removing power and water lines that were attached to the fence. Hamburgers for dinner.

(07/21) I fixed ham Don McMuffin's this morning for breakfast. We enjoyed them at our front yard table watching our neighbors house be tented for fumigation. I spent the morning removing the fence by our garden I'll be replacing the whole fence in short 2-3 post sections over the summer installing steel anchors in a concrete base. With the dogs in the yard, only short sections can be done at any time. Lou, Dawn and Courtney were out on a shopping dental appointment (Courtney) trip this morning. Lou fixed chili rellenos for lunch. I had an interesting evening. I went to mt TSA (Traffic Signal Association meeting. i haven't been to one for a while. It was interesting for two reasons. The meeting started at the offices of one of the Signal System vendors in Fremont. We learned all about a new radar vehicle detector that doe a whole bunch more that its predecessors. It allows zone detection for up to eight areas. More importantly though is the fact it can discriminate bicycles. Now, using this device one of my long time dreams comes to reality. A bicycle can approach in any lane now and get timing that is specific for a bicycle. Since they are slower, they take more time to clear the intersection and now they can get it without having to give too much to the fast moving cars. And the second interesting thing was that the second half of the meeting was held at the LeMans racing Center where we raced for an hour and my team was the winner, for last place, but it was fun. Pizza for dinner, of course.

Thursday: (07/22) PBJ English Muffins for breakfast. I worked at removing the existing concrete fence base and post bases. The old base is too low and in the wrong place. I managed to hit myself between the eyes with the breaker bar. Stupid mistake. Not serious though. Lou fixed wieners, cabbage and onions for lunch. Lou was busy preparing a bunch of doll parts to fire and then fired them. For dinner we had some of Lou's sausage and vegetable soup and Dawn's fresh bread.

Friday: (07/23) Lou fixed corned beef hash for breakfast. I worked on installing the forms for the fence post bases. Lunch was apricot cobbler. It was a short day today. Courtney took us all out to dinner at Nob Hill Market. She had a coupon for a free chicken dinner.

The weather has been really nice the past few days.

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