Monday, August 2, 2010

Hardly Time

Monday: (08/02) Off to San Jose this morning. I fixed a hardy breakfast this morning. Home fried potatoes with pork chops and eggs. After breakfast, I got distracted for a while by Ernie who wanted to setup the fountain and get it going. So it's now working with the new frogs and in it's new centered location by the arbor.

Leaky Water Heater In Basement
I collected my tools and headed on to San Jose. When I got there, my plans changed. I was going to install a new water softener but when I got down in the basement I found the water heater leaking and a flooded basement. I called for help and went and got a new water heater and Ernie came down to help. We got the thing installed and vacuumed up the water. So tomorrow I'll get the softener installed, maybe. It has a broken rim and I'll see if the manufacturer wants me to install it. I'm supposedly not supposed to return it to the store. I picked up some egg rolls for lunch while out shopping. Ernie and I stopped at Carl's Jr for dinner. Lou went down to San Jose separately to get some paperwork so the State pays most of the cost of getting the toad to pass the smog test. Then they shopped away the rest of the afternoon stopping at Carrow's for some prime rib for dinner. Since they share, they eat cheap.

Tuesday: (08/03) I started the day with the leftovers from yesterdays potatoes and pork. Lou enjoyed cereal. She then had to dash to get the toad down to get smogged. I went to the dump to get rid of the old waterheater then headed down to San Jose to install the water softener. I started with a call to the manufacturer who said take it back to the store, just the opposite of the large print paper in their paperwork. Lowe's replaced it with no problems. That was the easy part. I needed to rework the pipework some for the new softener but had great difficulty getting the parts. There is no such thing as a good hardware store anywhere around here. Not OSH, not Lowe's and not Home Depot. All are poor excuses for hardware stores. I finally collected enough stuff to get it together. After a some leak shooting I ran a regeneration cycle and all went well. I had a V* for lunch and some egg rolls for dinner and returned home late. Lou took the toad in and it passed the smog test with flying colors after the air mass meter was replaced. Lou and Dawn had chorizo and rice again. When I got home I had some for supper as well.

(08/04) Lou fixed a hot dog omelet for breakfast. I tinkered cleaning out the car of tools and trash in the morning.

Dawn Ready For Her Library Job Interview
Lou took the neighbor to the doctor and I took Dawn to a job interview then we all went to lunch at Brian's in Los Altos. I had fish and chips and Lou and Dawn shared a nice grilled roast beef onion and cheese sandwich. Lou got the toad registration taken care of. I'm glad she handled it this time. My only task was to lose the paperwork.

A Big Pile Of Dirt Behind Our Car At The Dump
I took a load of dirt that Ernie prepared to the dump then returned some stuff to the hardware store. Lou fixed beef enchiladas for dinner.

(08/05) Cereal for breakfast. Lou, Dawn and I had serial dental appointments this morning. After those appointments we stopped at the Sunny (Chinese) Buffet in Sunnyvale for lunch. On the way home we stopped at Walmart. I was just along for the ride but Lou and Dawn were looking for things but I was the one to make a find. I wear western snap buttoned shirts and found one for a really good price, $12. I only found one in my size. I normally find them on sale for about $15, $12 was a deal until I had checked all around the mens department and eventually found more but they were an amazing deal at $7 each. I found a total of seven in my size. Nice find. I loaded a few dirt buckets in our garden spot excavation but not too much work before dinner wich was fondue. Lou fixed some baked apples with cranberries and pecans for desert.

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