Friday, September 10, 2010

Back At The Fence

Friday: (09/10) I spent the day finishing the sprinkler relocation. Final connections final back filling, wiring, and re-programming the timer. I also cleaned up some debris and loaded the car for a trip to the dump. Doesn't seem like much but it filled the day.

I went to pickup the car from the mechanic. He said that fixed a couple of things and it now starts. We get to drive it over the weekend and see if it is fixed. Confidence?

I warmed up a bunch of leftovers for breakfast. Pepper steam omelet, home fries with sausage, BBQ ribs, and a little pepper steam sandwich. Dawn made some sweet and sour mushroom and chicken soup for lunch. Lou made beef Welington with baked potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.

Saturday: (09/11) After our morning tea and breakfast under the arbor, I took the the load of dirt in the car to the dump. I returned and loaded the car with concrete and made another run to the dump. With the easy part done, I prepared another load of dirt for the dump. This took a little while to complete because I seperated the good from the bad so I can back fill around my new fence base later. It all was screened to leave just the good dirt. Then I took that load to the dump as well. I topped off that load with some other junk for the dump. I then loaded the car with another load of dirt, this time from the new garden spot to be. It's almost dug out, just a couple of more loads should do it, possibly tomorrow.

Cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast. After I had completed loading the second load, we enjoyed some dutch babies for my second and Lou and Dawn's first breakfast. Lunch was left overs, couscous with Swedish meatballs, tuna blintzes and avocados. Lou fixed beef burgundy over noodles for dinner.

Sunday: (09/12) I started with a trip to the dump. That was followed by periods of reloading the buickets and three more trips. The garden spot is almost excavated just a couple of inches to chip off on the last half. Lou was busy weeding the flower beads.

Maple sugar oatmeal with yogurt for breakfast. For lunch. Lou fixed steak and eggs with fried potatoes with peppers and onions. For dinner we went out to Chili's Restaurant. Lou and I had ribs, Dawn had Cajun chicken pasta, and Courtney had a hamburger.

Monday: (09/13) Another day at the salt mine, I mean garden digout. I dug out  three loads of dirt and hauled two to the dump. Another waits for tomorrow. It is now to final depth and ready for the garden soil to fill it up. Lou was busy cleaning up and organizing her sun room.

Leftover breakfast potatoes and sausage for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Chicken, cabbage, sweet and sour soup with garlic toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/14) After another delivery of dirt to the dump Ernie and I trimmed a few limbs off the bay tree that will be removed. We had some room left in the compost barrel. Lou and I went up to Redwood City to order our new garden soil. It will be delivered tomorrow. On our way home we stopped and test drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We've decided to get a used jeep before we leave this fall. This one has low mileage and is in excellent shape. Could it be the one? Stay tuned.

We almost had waffles and sausage for breakfast. Only one waffle made it out before the waffle iron died, so the rest was pancakes. A California omelet at the Talk Of Broadway in in Readwood City for lunch. Hamburgers dinner.

Wilton Fence Phase III New Garden Spot
Wednesday: (09/15) I watched an episode of Perry Mason on TV waiting for a call from the garden center about when they would be delivering our garden soil. They didn't call so i called them about 09:10. The dispatcher said the delivery window was between 9-11. thanks for the notice. I moved the RV out of the driveway. About 10:00, the driver called and said he was on the way. When the truck turned the corner onto our street i knew we had a problem. It was a semi, a very big truck and trailer. Our new garden spot is in our side yard just behind where the RV is parked. Getting back was no problem, dumping would be due to the two trees on the lot line. Fortunately the driver accepted the challenge and dumped the 1o cubic yards in the hole we had dug, or at least about a third of it in the hole, the rest adjacent to it. he only broke two small limbs off the trees. A 40 foot dump trailer raises up about 40 feet to dump. The going up didn't break them, it was the pulling forward to dump that did. Then he was off and Ernie and I shoveled about 8 yards of the soil into the hole. It took a couple of hours, faster than I thought it would. It just fit, not my normal success at estimating. Now Lou and Dawn can get busy planting the winter garden.

After lunch I attacked the bay tree. I removed the last of the limbs and cut the main trunk in a couple of big pieces. My little battery powered chain saw used about four battery charges to do the job. Unfortunately, the bottom of the tree was bigger than my chain saw so ther was some chopping required. Then I removed the stump by splitting it to pieces with a wedge. It all went rather well.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow with another trip to San Francisco.

Pizza from Pizz'a Chicago for lunch. Ernie fixed meatloaf, oven potatoes and fresh asparagus for dinner.

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