Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finishing The Fence

News: I finally added pictures to the posts for the past month or so.

Wednesday: (09/29) Actually not today but soon. That's all that's left for this year on the fence. there is another section uo front that will get done next spring.

I took the new toad to the dealer to get a recall item fixed. Evidently it could pop into gear from the park position, something that could ruin our day. Even though we had an appointment for the 30 minute task they had the car all day. I walked around the area looking at some of the new cars at the dealers. Some even fit.

Lou had an appointment at Kaiser. She also washed another rug.

Cereal and yogurt for breakfast. Lou and I had lunch at Home Town Buffet. I fixed some chicken quesadillas for dinner.

Thursday: (09/30) The end of another month. Looks like our fog has returned so our weather should be much cooler now. Lou fixed olive loaf croissant breakfast sandwiches this morning. Today is a fence building day. I back filled and rebuilt a couple of sections of the fence. Lou went to pickup Dawn at the train in Mountain View so she passed the Hong Kong bakery and brought me pork stickers for lunch. Dinner was chicken, baked potato, and sliced red peppers.

It happened again. I listen to the radio using a computer in the shop. The radio died sometime after lunch. I also started getting calls to my cell phone even though transfer i disabled. The Internet died again. I'm a little patient so I just waited hoping it would restore itself.

Friday: (10/01) Lou fixed a full breakfast of eggs, potatoes with mushrooms, with sausage. The Internet was still not working so I called ATT for service. I'd already verified that there was no problem on my end but for some reason they never believe me. The service representative couldn't find the problem but confirmed she couldn't see the modem. She also mentions there was some kind of workorder opened yesterday and closed today. I was suspicious. She referred it to the next level and that tech confirmed it wasn't working and referred it up another notch where they also confirmed it wasn't working and referred it to field service for tomorrow.

Wilton Fence Replacement At Greenhouse Wilton Fence Replacement At Greenhouse
I completed rebuilding the fence and reattached the greenhouse roof to it. I also did a little cleanup and putting away. Only another three sections to do next year at the front of the back yard.

An ATT technician called late in the afternoon and said he could come by. A little after 5pm he was checking the outside wiring and the nearby splices. At first he though there was a problem with the wiring but then confirmed it was OK. So he came inside, with claiming there must be a problem inside. Of course, I responsible for the costs inside. He couldn't get it to work even with a new modem so he checks further and finally reaches someone who could see that yesterday's activity was a change of equipment in their office and the account for my modem was not setup yet. Cute! So I didn't have to pay for the service but i did keep the new modem and had to pay for that. Mine was 12-13 years old and requires special setup to work. I might as well join the modern world. The new modem should be able to monitor more easily. So we're on our way back to normal for Internet access. I still have to complete fixing up network with the new modem and tailor it to my needs but at least we're connected now.

Lou fixed olive loaf sandwiches with avocados for lunch and a shepherds pie for dinner.

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