Monday, November 8, 2010

California Academy Of Science

Monday: (11/08) It's a sunny morning with more expected this week. But, our good rain left the yard muddy so I'll probably hold off on pouring the concrete today because I cause too much damage to the lawn.

We planned on taking Dawn up to the San Francisco Natural History Museum otherwise known as the California Academy Of Science in Golden Gate Park for her birthday anyway and today seemed to fit so off we went.

Lou fixed a ham and asparagus omelet for breakfast. We drove the Jeep up and had no problem getting a parking place close to the museum. No crowds at all. They open t 930 and we were inside shortly thereafter. We enjoyed a look through their new building which includes both the animals and an aquarium.

African Hall At The Academy of Science
Oddly, the African Hall looks much like it did in the old building as does the aquarium but overall the whole place seems smaller. It does have an interesting living roof.

Animals in African Hall At the Academy of Science Animals in African Hall At the Academy of Science
Some of the dioramas now move out into the hall. The tree branches hang over your head and one included a leopard on the branch.

Dawn And Lou Reading About The White Aligator A White Alligator At The Academy of Science
The white alligator is still there.

Butterfly At Academy Of Science In San Francisco Dawn Getting A Good Look At A Butterfly
Thee rain forest included butterflies. They posed nicely so Dawn could get a good view.

Butterfly At Academy Of Science In San Francisco
Nice of them to hold still.

We shared a chicken and fries lunch in the cafe. We stayed until they threw us out at 5pm. we then walked over to Irving Street to the Crepevine restaurant for dinner. I had my Santa Fe (corned beef hash) and Lou and Dawn shared a Greek savory crepe with a salad and home fries.

On the way home we stopped at a couple of book stores and while Dawn looked for books, Lou and I cruised the malls.

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