Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Are We Still Here?

It is so hard to get away from the gravity of home, especially after being home for a long period.

Monday: (11/15) We were off to Lowe's again this morning to get the correct molding for the floor around our harth. We stopped at the Los Caharros Restaurant in Mountain View. I had an excellent bacon breakfast burrito and Lou had a napolias omelet. When we got home I worked on smoothing out the edge of the hardwood floor as it meets the hearth so the molding would fit better. Then I cut the molding. Lou took care of tacking the molding down and filling and finishing. cottage cheese and fruit cocktail for lunch. Baked macaroni and cheese with a Swiss Chard and pomegranate salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/16) Leftovers for breakfast. I had French toast with peanut butter and jam. Lunch was the same, a Swiss Chard and cheese omelet remnant. Lou was off to San Jose this morning for an appointment. I enjoyed the morning like most recently doing little. Lou Ernie and I enjoyed some of Jack-In-The-Box's free tacos this afternoon. Their worth a bit more than the price. haven't had them for many years. May have been the same ones? Actually they were OK. The egg nog milkshake went well with them. I then caught the bus to San Jose to a meeting at the Adobe software headquarters. I attended the SilvaFUG (Silicon Valley Flash User Group) meeting where several of Adobe's project managers gave an update of new products either released or in Beta now. Lots of neat stuff. The meeting went a bit long so I didn't get home until 11pm. They provided plenty of pizza and beer at the meeting. I missed the Courtney prepared fettuccine dinner at home tonight.

Wednesday: (11/17) I fixed eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast. Lunch was leftover some of Courtney's pasta meal from last night. Leftover macaroni and cheese for dinner. Lou was busy working on the dolls. I tinkered here and there including installing a dedbolt on the shop door.

Thursday: (11/18) We started with a drive down to San Jose to drop off some things then stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home for eggs and milk and some other things that dropped into the basket. We had to celebrate some tonight because Dawn won second place in the writers contest in the Palo Alto Weekly newspaper. Lou was busy working on the dolls.

Lou fixed a breakfast omelet using a bunch of leftovers from the fridge. It was primarily a broccoli omelet. For dinner we went to the Palo Alto Creamery. I had a turkey pot pie and Lou and Dawn had fish and chips. We topped that with some cookies.

Friday: (11/19) It's overcast today and cool. Rain is expected to start this afternoon. Lou was off to the Stanford Rummage Sale at it's new home in Redwood City. I put some new skid feet on the dining room chairs. I got a call back from the local Motosat satellite Internet tech which only confirmed that the problem is the upper control board and he'd order it. Hopefully it can finally be fixed next week. I also have an appointment to get the steering fixed Monday. The two steering linkage parts came in.

Lou fixed waffles with strawberry preserves and sausage. Lunch from Chavez Market in Redwood City. I had a carnitas burrito and Lou had a super nacho with carnitas. Lou fixed bean soup for dinner.

Saturday: (11/20) Big rain storms today. I tinkered inside at home all day.  Lou and Dawn went to a story telling club meeting tonight.

Leftover waffles with strawberry preserves and sausage for breakfast. Shepard's pie for dinner.

Sunday: (11/21) Another quite rainy day. Last night we even had thunder and lightening, unusual for our area. About 3pm i went out to get the RV ready to roll. After i opened the front curtain, I noticed a new crack starting out from a chip that's been in the right windshield since before we bought it. Since it wasn't raining and the windshield was dry, I got out the hairdryer to get any moisture I could out of the crack and then added some crack repair cement to try to minimise growth. It wasn't there last week when I had it out on the road and I was rather surprised to see it now after seven years of being stable. There wasn't any direct sun to cure the cement so I just glued it and will let the sun cure it tomorrow and hope it doesn't wash out tonight.

Leftover Shepard's pie for breakfast. Olive loaf sandwich for lunch. Wieners with green onions and leftover bean soup for dinner.

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