Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Shady Spot In The Desert

Thursday: (03/17) Oatmeal with yogurt and diced apple for breakfast. We drove over toward Yuma via Mitry Lake. On the way we also took a look a Yuma Lake. It's more of a pond but has some nice free camping spots as well. Next stop was the Arizona Marketplace. We bought a sun screen for our awning and vegetables. For lunch we stopped at Eat's Chinese Buffet, as usual. We stopped at Lowe's for some hardware and Barnes and Noble's to pick up the "Milepost" book we ordered. Now we need to start reading about the trip to Alaska. Then Lou made a quick check of all the thrift stores. I got a haircut and we did our laundry. With all that stuff out of the way we stopped at Food City market and Walmart's, got gas and headed home. It was after 8pm when we got back to the RV. Good thing Lou started some beans in our powerless crock pot before we left. They were perfect.

RV Sunshade RV Sunshade
Friday: (03/18) We erected our sun shade this morning. It slips into a slot on the awning roller. We also got an end shade and now are well protected from the sun. Of course now we'll be leaving. Our neighbor came over to help since we were having trouble getting it in the slot. Now sure why, but we succeeded finally. The neighbor gave us a couple of pointers such as that we needed to drill and pin the upper arms that are only held out by a friction knob. We went to get our mail in Bard and got our date shakes for lunch nearby. I also made some repairs to our dinette. Lou was busy sewing and suddenly, the day was gone. Corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. Date milk shakes for lunch, More beans for dinner.

Saturday: (02/19) We headed back to the Arizona Marketplace this morning. I needed some more heavy duty tent stakes, bungee cords and RV awning de-flappers. We finished that quickly enough. Then we checked a bunch of garage sales and looked around the town of Fortuna Foothills East of Yuma. It is a town of own your own RV lots. The weather was much cooler today making it a perfect day though viability was way down. Chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Lou and I shared a combination plate of chili relleno, chili verde burrito and a beef taco at Mi Fajita Restaurant in Fortuna Foothills. Lou fixed broccoli pork for dinner.

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