Monday, March 21, 2011

Holtville, Ca Hot Springs LTVA

Monday: (03/21) We awoke to it still raining. It rained much of the night. Not much. Hardly got the ground wet but did mess up the dust on the car and RV and make it stick better. We took the awning in and put away the sun shade last night when the wind picked up. Our neighbor didn't and was up in the middle of the night working on his. Unfortunately, we didn't put away the tables and chairs so there was some drying and cleaning to do to get ready to go. We finally said our goodbyes to our neighbors and pulled out of Kripple Kreek about 11am. Our first stop was to take care of our tank duties before stopping by Squaw Lake for a shower and a salad for lunch before heading toward Yuma. We did some grocery shopping and topped the RV gas tank before heading West on I8. We didn't go too far.

We stopped in Holtville at the BLM Hot Springs LTVA for the night. We actually may spend a couple of nights and look around El Centro and Calexico before continuing on to Borego Springs.

Tree blossoms at hot Springs LTVA
We took a walk around the camping areas and looked at the hot springs but decided to take a dip another time due to the 30 mpg winds. The picture above shows some blossoms on one of the trees in the campground. Dinner was chili sizes.

Tuesday: (03/22) Oatmeal with bananas and yogurt for breakfast. Today we were off on a tour of Holtville, El Centre, and Calexico. We stopped for a donut and pudding snack in Holtville and then took a walk around the small nice town including a visit to the hardware store. We stopped for a walk around old town El Centro and a look around another hardware store. We like good hardware stores. We shared some wonderful chili rellenos and beef enchiladas at Claudia's Kitchen (717 Imperial Hwy) for a late lunch. After looking around downtown Calexico we returned home.

Wednesday: (03/23) Leftover French toast and some sausage for breakfast. We went over to the hot springs for a morning soak then returned to the RV and departed.

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