Monday, March 14, 2011

Squaw Lake Hike

Monday: (03/14) Leftover pancakes with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. I was off early for a hike up the mountain behind us and out to Squaw Lake.

Ocotillo By Squaw lake Ocotillo Flower By Squaw lake
A nice walk but too early for any flowers except a few ocotillos. It doesn't look like most cacti will have flowers this year. They look like the buds died during the freezes.

Squaw Lake
Squaw  lake looks so good that we should get a canoe to explore it better.

Burro By Squaw Lake Burro By Squaw Lake
Only two burros were on my trails. They seemed as curious as I was even called to me with a few snorts.

I was back at home by 1030 and it was still not hot due to some convenient clouds. I took a shower that was extra refreshing. The water heater wouldn't light so I just used the water as it was. It was cold, not cool as I would have preferred. A nice quick shower. Olive loaf sandwiches for lunch. I worked on the computer the rest of the day. It did get hot outside in the afternoon. Lou was busy with her dolls and other projects including visiting the nearby critters and neighbors. While I was on my hike she fought off another attempt by the bees to takeover the RV. Dinner was roast beef with baked potatoes, raw cauliflower and dates for desert.

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