Friday, April 1, 2011

Joshua Tree NP, Queen Mine

Pine City Trail Flowers Pine City Trail Flowers
Friday: (04/01) We hiked out to Pine City. A couple of types of red flowers. The one on the left is very common, the one on the right rather rare.

Horned Lizard Horned Lizard
We saw this horned lizard on the way out to Pine City.

Pine City Pine City Hills
It's an easy 1.5 mile trail out then you can hike down into and around a deep canyon there. There are lots of pine trees there, not seen much elsewhere in the park but I didn't see a city. Lou observed from the top.

Large Black Headed Red Ant
This ant caught my eye. About a 1/2 inch long. red body and black head.

Chuckwalla Chuckwalla
On the way back from Pine City we saw this chuckwalla. They are very large lizards, this one about 15 inches nose to tail.

Flowering Yucca Along Pine City Trail Flowering Yucca Along Queen Mine Trail
The yucca plants are coming in to bloom.

Caterpillars In Bloom
Many of the bushes along the trail and most places in the park have these insect egg sacks on them. These were in full boom with lots of little caterpillars scampering about.

Queen Mine Over View Queen Mine Main Shaft
We also hiked out to the Queen Mine . It's a short hike out to an overlook. We both hiked down to the bottom where the mine is. The Queen Mine was one of the most productive in the area producing nealy 4000 ounces of gold. There are a couple of horizontal shafts and a lot of vertical shafts that make up the mine.

Flowers By Queen Mine Flowering Cacti
The small flowers on the left were all over near the mine. Tiny less than 1/4" blossoms. The cactus on the right iss different than most in that it appears to be flowering from the middle of the leaf rather than the from the rim.

Water Pump At Queen Mine Trail beyond Queen Mine
A water pump at the mine seemed out of place in the desert. it would have been used to drain the mine. While I explored all the mine remnants and walked about a mile beyond on the trail Lou enjoyed the shade of a nice Pine tree. The trail beyond looks like a good candidate for a future hike with some extra water and lower temperatures.

Today was warm like yesterday.We relaxed at camp the rest of the day. Granola cereal and yogurt for breakfast. Cottage cheese and peaches for lunch and hot dogs for dinner.

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