Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lake Mead, Las Vegas Wash

Blue Water Casino
Wednesday: (04/20) We enjoyed the Blue Water Casino's buffet breakfast this morning. After a walk down by the river we hit the road North.

Lake Havasu Flowers
We stopped in Lake Havasu at a few thrift stores. We had to park a ways from one of them and on the walk to the shop I spotted some nice cacti in bloom like above.  Then we continued up highway 95 to I40 then East to Kingman turning onto highway 93 Northbound to Boulder City. There were two stoppages for our direction. One was shortly after we left Kingman and the other was near the dam where a lane disappears. We also started having high winds coming down toward the dam and the new Memorial bridge. Even high up in the RV, which is required to move to the left lane crossing the bridge, there was no view. What good is that bridge? Cars get even less of a view due to the high barriers on the bridge. Only pedestrians get a view and then only North toward the dam. We turned onto Lakeshore Rd and checked the campground at Boulder Creek. Our beloved campsite was occupied so we continued up to Las Vegas Wash CG and got a good site, #62 overlooking the wash. Las Vegas is closer to this campground and Lou has a class there Friday. We'll do our Las Vegas visits from here. Lunch was olive loaf, cheese, lettuce and tomato rollups. For dinner Lou fixed zuchini, onions and chorizo.

Thursday: (04/21) Spinach omelets for breakfast. We went down to the Sunset Casino for lunch. I had hoped to enjoy some chili rellenos but unfortunately the menu has changed at their Mexican restaurant so we enjoyed the buffet. The casino sits in the middle of the best shopping area in Las Vegas including the Galleria mall. Most importantly, there are three good thrift stores there. Lou enjoyed the thrift stores and the Hobby Lobby store while I visited thee book store and Dick's sporting goods. I found a good book with the best hikes in the Southwest so I bought it for use on our next visit.
I also found a nice canoe at a good price but will continue looking for now.

Las Vegas Bay CG
We returned to camp and enjoyed the last light looking out over the wash from camp. Here's a view from our campsite out toward Lake Mead or at least where it would be if the water was higher. Actually the water is just the flow of Las Vegas Wash, which is a good creek.

Las Vegas Bay CG Las Vegas Bay CG
Our campsite is like an oasis in the desert. Lots of bushes and trees alive due to the drip irrigation system installed by the park. Those buffets really last so no dinner needed.

Friday: (04/22) Leftover choriso with potatoes and eggs for breakfast We pulled out and headed down to Henderson to Lou's glass craft class at Aardvark Clay and Supply. I enjoyed shopping around. I returned to the Sunset Casino for lunch at the buffet. Lou had a salad at her class. When Lou was through we move the RV down to the Gold Coast Casino. We went downtown to look around the casinos there then went up to North Las Vegas to Jerry;s Nugget Casino for dinner. Lou had steak and shrimp and i had fish and chips. We both had their outstanding clam chowder and topped it off with a shared piece of coconut cream pie.

Las Vegas Bay CG Rio Show In The Sky
In the evening I went over to the Rio to see their Show In The Sky. We're now ready to leave tomorrow morning. One of the shortest visits to Las Vegas we've ever made.
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