Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dawson Creek, BC

Tuesday: (06/14) Nice morning. Not raining. We had cereal for breakfast with sliced apples. After a quick walk about camp and a look at the lake we were hooked up and off toward Grande Cache where we stopped at the visitor center and borrowed the use of their WiFi to post this update. Nice blue skies with a few scattered clouds now.

Grande Cache Museum Grande Cache Museum
We stopped in Grande Cache at the visitor center. I used their Wifi to check email and make a blog post including some recent photos. Lou got some information while I was busy and took a good look at their museum. Lots of stuffed animals. I got a look as well. They had several very nice stuffed owls. We had ham sandwiches for lunch before departing. We stopped at Walmart in Grand Prairie. From there we did our shopping both there and nearby. I got the RV oil changed at Lube-X next door and filled it with gas. For dinner Lou and I split a nice carnitas burrito from a nearby burrito shop, different than any we've had before but good. We decided to spend the night at Walmart.
(GPS: 55.17197, -118.8269)

Wednesday: (06/15) We were up early. That's a problem way up here. It stays light late and gets light early. We enjoyed strawberry waffles for breakfast and were on the road by 0710. We stopped in Dawson Creek at the Visitor Center. They have a nice small museum and we watched a movie about the building of the Alaska Highway at the beginning of World War Two.

Dawson Creek Alaska Hwy Mile Zero Dawson Creek Alaska Hwy Mile Zero
And, of course, we snapped a picture of ourselves at the mile zero post. Above is proof we started the Alaskan highway trip. The left picture shows us at the real mile Zero. the right is the photo location in the middle of the street downtown.

Alaska Hwy Last Original Wood Bridge
Above is a picture of the last remaining original wood bridge on the Alaskan Highway North of Dawson Creek.

Lunch was leftover split pea soup and a ham and cheese sandwich. Other than that it was pretty much a driving day. We stopped in Fort Nelson at the Visitor Center and used their Wifi to make a blog post, check email and chat with Dawn.

Night Stop 57 Miles North Of Fort Nelson
When they closed at 8pm we filled up the gas and headed North about 35 miles to a wayside for the night. We saw little wildlife today, only three black bears, a mom and cub and a lone cub?

Lou's Chinese Meal
Lou fixed a Chinese like dinner tonight with noodles, broccoli, carrots and shrimp. Our first heavy mosquitoes attack was tonight. Lots of standing water around our night spot.
(GPS: 58.82609, -123.5131)
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