Monday, June 6, 2011

Eugene, Oregon

Monday: (06/06) We were up early, tried to get gas but the credit card wouldn't work. A little too much protection by the credit card fraud monitor. It happens almost every time we start a trip. We continued on, stopping a couple of times for walks and breakfast. I fixed sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins. I made a call to Don Marr, a Motosat technician in Eugene to get the satellite Internet system looked at. It's time for a professional with spare parts. We're scheduled for 10am tomorrow.

We stopped in Medford, Oregon at Fred Meyers for a nap, a walk, a little shopping, and gas. The credit card still wouldn't work so I called them and had it unlocked. Seems "our" mistake was the two full limit charges for gas in Williams. Two same amount charges from the same vendor. Next time they'll be a penny or more different. Funny folks. They don't check ID's but lock it for two charges from the same vendor? We continued up the road a little ways to Grant's Pass to stop at the Grant's Pass Pharmacy's soda fountain. It's a real old time soda fountain. We enjoyed pineapple milk shakes for lunch. After checking out a couple of nearby thrift shops we were on our way again.

Our campsite South of Eugene, Oregon Lou's potato mushroom sausage soup
We stopped just South of Eugene for the night in a rest stop. Lou made some sausage potato, broccoli, onion, mushroom, and cheese soup.

Tuesday: (06/07) We were up early headed toward Eugene a bit after 7am. We made our way to Oregon RV Satellite Service. We parked on the street down the road from the shop and disconnected the toad. The parking area by the shop is too small to allow turning around. We had our breakfast of cereal while we waited. I also played with the computer while Lou studied. Just before 10am we went over to the shop.

At Oregon RV Satellite
It didn't take the professional very long to tune it up and correct a mis-setting. I have no idea how it got goofed up. It's memory must be similar to mine. The cost of the repair was much less than I expected since no hardware needed to be replaced.

Before we hit the road I stopped to look at a Dick's Sporting Goods store we had passed which had a very conveniently located thrift store for Lou to check out. Lou then fixed olive loaf sandwiches for lunch. With all the requirements for Eugene completed we hit the road North.

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