Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matanuska Valley, Alaska

Moose Along Tok To Glenallen Hwy Moose Along Tok To Glenallen Hwy
Thursday: (06/30) Cottage Cheese and fresh pineapple for breakfast. Almost immediately after we pulled onto the highway we had to slow to watch a moose cross the road. Later before the Glenallen Junction we had to stop to watch a mother moose and baby moose cross the highway in front of us. Lunch was a chimichunga from the market in Glenallen.

Nelchina River Campground
We stopped for me to take a nap in an abandoned campground by the Nelchina River. Nice place but too early in the day to stop for the night.

Mantanaska Glacier Mantanaska Glacier
We stopped to view the Matanuska Glacier. There's a nice trail that gives some nice views of the glacier. Leftover spaghetti and toast for dinner.

Campsite By Mantanask River Campsite By Mantanask River
We stopped for the night a mm95 on the Glen Highway with a nice view of the Mantanuska River.
(GPS:61.7961588, -147.975365)

Friday: (07/01) Leftover French toast and Mom's cinnamon roll with sausage for breakfast.

Coal Washer Ruins At Alpine Historic Park In Sutton Alaska Alpine Historic Park In Sutton Alaska
We stopped in Sutton and looked at Alpine Historic Park and learned all about the coal mining in the area. Above are pictures of some concrete ruins of a coal washing facility and some coal mining equipment at the Alpine historic Park in Sutton.

Palmer Alaska
We continued on down to Palmer and had clam chowder for lunch at Fred Meyer's. Visited a Farmers market and bought some local cheese. Took a look at a University of Alaska arboretum, currently a lot with some trees and bushes that was used 80+ years ago to test what would grow here. Palmer is in the heart of Alaska's agricultural area where cabbages get to be over 100 pounds. The fair is held here in late August and we may try to return to see it. We're heading into Anchorage Sunday but will try to stay outside for Saturday. Not sure how the holiday weekend aggravates the probable difficulty in finding a place to stay around Anchorage. Lou fixed stir fry vegetables for dinner.

Campsite At mm1.6 On Old Genn Hwy Near palmer Alaska
We stopped for the night along Old Glen Highway at mm1.6 about 16 miles South of Palmer, Alaska in a nice pullout by a lake full of water lilies.

Pond At mm1.6 On Old Genn Hwy Near Palmer Alaska Flowwr At mm1.6 On Old Genn Hwy Near Palmer Alaska
A pond with lilies and some flowers next to our campsite.
(GPS:61.47229259, -149.22356952)
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