Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vaseux Lake Provintial Park, BC

Wednesday: (06/08) We thought that maybe the storm had blown over. Lou took an early morning walk and it was still dry. But, before breakfast, it had started to sprinkle again. Lou made a nice everything in the refrigerator omelet for breakfast. We pretty much succeeded in emptying all out vegetables and meats, which we understood, couldn't go into Canada. As we continued up the Yakima River Canyon we almost hit a mountain sheep. That wouldn't have made either of our days. We always wanted to see the sheep, just not that close.

River View At Roza Recreation Site, Yakima River Canyon Ground Hogs In Pateros, Washington
We continued up highway 97 and stopped in Pateros, Washington at a bakery and each had an apple fritter for lunch. We took a walk by the lake and watched some ground hogs (woodchucks) playing. We fueled up in Tonasket, and continued on to Oroville, Washington where we crossed into Canada. We had a 5 minute wait and it took less than 5 minutes more to get through customs, not at all as bad as we had been led to believe. Just a couple of questions and no inspection.

Vaseux Lake Campsite Vaseux Lake
We stopped for the day just above Oliver, BC at the Vaseux Lake Provincial Park. Tried to use the satellite dish, and of course, it wouldn't connect. So much for the professional fixers. I can make it not work more cheaply. Vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.
(GPS: 49.29782, -119.5307)

Vaseux Lake CG Flower Vaseux Lake Turtles
The yellow flower above was seen in the campground. The turtles are in the lake.
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