Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yakima River Canyon

Tuesday: (06/07) With the satellite dish repaired we left Eugene heading North on I5. We stopped a couple of times to stretch. We turned East on I84 along the Columbia River and tried to stop for a quick look at Multnomah Water Falls but there wasn't any parking for something our size in the lot. We continued on to The Dalles and got fuel. A short distance further East on I84 we turned North on Highway 97 at Maryhill and crossed the river into Washington.

Our Campsite At Roza Recreation Site, Yakima River Canyon River View At Roza Recreation Site, Yakima River Canyon
We turned off Highway 97 onto Highway 821 through the Yakima River Canyon stopping for the night at Roza Recreation Site. We had the campground to ourselves and enjoyed a nice campfire. Lou fixed sausage, rice and a green salad for dinner. Lots of bird sounds like an owl and some bats buzzing around. On Lou's morning walk she spotted a mother duck and a bunch of ducklings by the boat launch above right. The mother duck hid all the ducklings in the reeds so Lou couldn't see them.
(GPS: 46.76482, -120.4571)

Yakima River Canyon Trail At Roza Site Pond With Yellow Iris Flowers At Rosa Site
Wednesday: (06/08) Before we left we took a short walk on a trail from camp. On the right above is a field of yellow iris in a pond by camp.

Pink Flower By Yakima River Yellow Flowers By yakima River
The flowers above were seen on the trail.

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