Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anchorage Port Tour

Sunday: (07/10) For some reason we all sleep late this morning, not that we've been early risers recently anyway. Granola with yogurt and honey for breakfast. We headed out to the Alaska Railroad Station. Today was the first tour of the port this season. It's known as the Alaska Port rather than the Anchorage Port because it handles more than 80% of all the goods shipped to and from Alaska, other than oil.

Anchorage Port Loading Cranes
The cranes loading a ship at the Anchorage port.

There are two shippers that each have a ship that arrives in port on Sunday (today) and Wednesday's each week. Evidently they arrive early because they were both being loaded when we saw them.  Also there were a lot of military vehicles being loaded for shipment to Afghanistan. The tour was very good and even better because it was free. They took us out to the port on a classy tour bus. After the tour they took us to the port administration building where we got a free lunch of hotdogs. Our tour guide was the media director. The cooks were other administrators. Even the port director spoke to the guests telling us all about the improvements and expansion they are undertaking. After the tour we visited the Marketplace just up the hill from the railroad terminal. One of the photographer vendors even remembered Dawn from our visit to the Bear Paw Festival a couple of days ago. Nice photos and even some good advise.

Lunch At Sleeping Lady Pub In Anchorage Overlooking The Port
Dawn has been wanting to have some local beer so we stopped at the Sleeping Lady Brew Pub. We had our second lunch on the roof overlooking the port. We started with a shared berry crisp desert. then shared a salmon pot pie with a salad and fish and chips.

Then we stopped at the airport and got Dawn's return ticket. The Anchorage airport is interesting because in addition to the runway there is a lake for seaplanes. Tomorrow we depart Anchorage. We had fried fish with kale and Spanish rice for dinner.

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