Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anchorage Zoo

Saturday: (07/09) I fixed my Don Mcmuffins for breakfast. this time, in addition to the Italian sausage, eggs and pepperjack cheese, I added a slice of potato. A complete meal in a muffin.

Anchorage Zoo Flowers
We went to the Alaska Zoo. According to a news article posted in their welcome center the Alaska Zoo is one of six must see zoos in the United States. I've been to three of those. San Diego Zoo, Bush Gardens in Tampa, and now the Alaska Zoo. I don't remember the other three but I'm sure I'll add them to the bucket list. Above are some wonderful blooms on a succulent at the zoo.

Anchorage Zoo Porcupine Anchorage Zoo Polar Bears
A nice porcupine and a pair of polar bears at thew Anchorage Zoo. The Alaska Zoo isn't big but the animals are nicely displayed and the grounds are nice as well. Paths meander through the trees to get to the various displays. We had lunch at the coffee shop there. Soup, tea and cookies.

Anchorage Zoo Snow Leopard Anchorage Zoo Snow Leopard
A snow leopard.

After the zoo visit we stopped at the Diamond Mall. We picked up a couple of things at Wallmart then drove out the Earthquake Park. You can get a nice view of Cook Inlet and of the Anchorage skyline. The we made it home for cheeseburgers for dinner.

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