Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exit Glacier In Seward

Wednesday: (07/13) We got up earlier today. Granola with yogurt and honey for breakfast.. We headed off toward Seward.

Kenai Lake Near Moose Pass
We explored several campgrounds on the way. The one above was right by Kenai Lake.

Water Wheel  Grinding Wheel In Moose Pass
Along the way we stopped in Moose Pass. and saw this water wheel grinder. The sign next to it says "If you have an axe to grind, do it here."

Lili Pond Along Seward Lili Pond Along Seward
There were several nice ponds.Most are loaded with these yellow lilies.

When we arrived in Seward, we collected more information at the Visitor Center then headed out to the Kenai Fiords National Park to the Exit Glacier.

Exit Glacier Exit Glacier
This glacier is pretty bi but one of the smaller on the Harding Ice Field which covers a good part of the Kenai Peninsula. It doesn't have a sharp edge. It just melts away at its end.

Lou Dawn and Don At Exit Glacier
Here we are at the edge off the Exit Glacier. The Exit Glacier is the only place in the Kenai Fiords National Park that can be driven to. We hiked the mile or so to the glacier edge and looked around. It is a small part of a  big block of ice, the Harding Ice Fields.

Seward Taffy Wrapper At Sweet Darlings Iditerod Mile Zero Sign
We looked around downtown. Sweet Darlings candy shop makes their own salt water taffy. The machine that wraps the candy is a marvel. Seward is also the mile zero of the original Iditarod trail. The current race doesn't start here. it starts up by Wasilla.

 We decided to move down to the beach campground tomorrow. Lunch was sandwiches. Dinner was Lou's Mexican cornbread. When we got home we packed up the screen tent and I cleaned the windows to be ready to depart early tomorrow.

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