Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hope, Alaska And Ressurection creek

Tuesday: (07/12) It's brighter today. That may be partly because we all slept in very late today. After 9:00am. Granola with yogurt and honey for breakfast. We headed off toward Hope about noon.

River Along Seward Highway Near mm74
We explored a campground and stopped by to look at the Six Mile river viewpoint on the way (above). They're all very nice. note the water color caused by glacial melt.

Hope Alaska Hope Alaska Museum

Hope is a tiny old village. Like many seaside villages here, they suffered a lot of damage in the 1964 earthquake. The original village location sunk into Turnagain Arm. Some of the old buildings were relocated, some that were on the backside of the village are now on the bay side and had to be raised. Above left are a few of the original buildings in their original locations and, on the right, some old buildings from a nearby ghost town that were moved to Hope's museum.

Horse Shoe Ice Studs Seen At Hope Alaska Museum
They have nice museum there. Above is a horse shoe with ice spikes seen at the museum. We also visited the library where I was able to use their Wifi for a while.

Sandwiches for lunch.

On our return we drove out to the Resurrection trailhead where we had our late lunch then hiked out the Resurrection trail a mile or so.

Resurection Creek Near Hope Alaska Resurection Creek Trail Near Hope Alaska
This area was damaged by the hydraulic gold mining so they are restoring the stream bed and eliminating the gravel piles. It looks pretty good but should be better in the future. Above left is Resurrection Creek after some restoration and the Resurrection Creek Trail (on the right).

Yellow Flowers Resurection Creek Trail Near Hope Alaska Yellow Flowers Resurection Creek Trail Near Hope Alaska
Some nice yellow flowers by the trail.

Zuppa Tuscana
Lou made some sausage and kale soup (zuppa tuscana). We had a little rain in Hope and the sun didn't shine much today.

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