Monday, July 25, 2011

Soldotna, Alaska

Monday: (07/25) It was a quick trip on up to Soldotna. We looked at Centennial Park but it was too muddy so we went on over to Fred Meyer's and enjoyed their paved parking lot. The rain this morning kind of made a mess of things. Fred Meyer's allows RVs to stay 3 days so we may take them up on it. They also have a sanitary dump and water. Are you listening Walmart?

Chorizo Kale And Onion Soup
For dinner Lou made a chorizo onion and kale soup.

Soldotna Fishing Boardwalk Soldotna Fishing Boardwalk
We took a walk on one of the fishing boardwalks that hang on the edge of the river near Soldotna. The walkways help protect the river from the damage that so many fishermen cause the the salmon spawning areas. A fisherman displays his catch for us.

We continued our walk around the area looking at the stores. There were two big sporting goods stores to examine. At the Sportsman's Warehouse it was interesting that 1/4 of the store was just ammunition. Moose must be a real threat here.  protect the edge of

Tuesday: (07/26) Leftover biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. We dropped Dawn off to look at some local book stores and Lou and i visited the visitor center at Centennial park and the National Wildlife Visitor Center just South of town. We took a little hike on the forest trail there. We also visited a thrift store, found the library and a laundrmat, and tried to locate a battery for Dawn's watch. We need a bigger town for the battery. Lunch was leftovers. Lou's chorizo ravioli soup and my Mexican Surprise. After lunch I was dropped off at the Library to work on the blog and Lou and Dawn returned to one of the book stores.

Wednesday: (07/27) When we woke up we were in heavy fog. That turned in to a heavy overcast, a little rain then by the end of the day it was mostly clear. Unfortunately, the part that wasn't clear was the mountains across the Cook Inlet. We drove out to Kenai and looked around. Stopped by at Lowe's and Home Depot and found an adequate faucet for the kitchen sink. Tomorrow we'll move over to Kenai and I'll park at Lowe's while I reinstall the faucet so I have an endless supply of additional parts that seem to always be needed.

Fishermen At Mouth Of Kenai River Russian Orthodox Church In Kenai
We watched the fishermen at the Mouth of the Kenai River. We explored old town and toured the Russian Orthodox Church. The priest there was very excited to talk to all the guests and informative about the church.

Snowcat Minivan In Kenai
On our walk in Old Town we passed this soccer moms minivan.

We drove out to Kenai Landing, an old cannery, for a look. It was supposed to be a shopping center now but it was vacant now. We also stopped by a couple of excellent thrift stores where we found some real treasures.

Nikiski Dock For Oil Platform Supply Oil Platforms Off Nikiski
We continued North up the peninsula to Nikiski. We went out to the harbor that services the oil platforms out in Cook Inlet. The dock is an old ships hull filled with dirt. The beach there is rocky so there was rock skipping to be done.

We drove on out to the North end of the road where there is a State campground. We considered camping there next but decided against it due to all the cottonwood stuff blowing in the air. Dawn wouldn't be able to breathe there without a mask so we'll stay in Kenai instead.

Egg, sausage, potato and cheese toasted English muffins for breakfast. We stopped at Don Jose's Mexican restaurant for lunch. I had a chili relleno and taco, Lou had a super nachos, and Dawn had flautas. For dinner we stopped at the St Elias brew pub. It's located just up the hill through the woods from our parking spot here at Fred Meyer's. We stared a couple of pizzas, had enjoyed their home brewed cream sodas and a beer.

Thursday: (07/28) We were up and rolling away by 0650. We wanted to to our laundry and the laundromat wasn't too big and seemed in demand. It opened at 0700 so we were there just before they opened. We had no problem getting our wash started but when it came time to dry there was difficulty getting dryers. It seems they do laundry themselves, possibly for a motel and tied up some dryers. Then there were quite a few washers and dryers that weren't working. It seems they won't be getting fixed until after fishing season as the owner had gone fishing. We had cereal wit hyogurt and honey for brekfast as we waited to dry our wash. We got everything done and took our showers then returned to Fred meyer's to use their dump station and get water. With all these tasks accomplished, we headed out to kenai to Lowe's where I parked. Lou fixed grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches for lunch. After lunch I started installing the new sink faucet. I wanted to be by a good hardware store to get parts as needed. We bought the new faucet earlier but I had to rework the water lines and relocate the accumulator tank. In addition I had to drill even more holes in the sink. With a lot of looking and measuring and two trips to the store to get parts and one to return parts the faucet was in and there were no leaks. i did secure all the water lines, something that the previous installation didn't do. Since I believe our bumpy roads and loose water lines contributed to the faucet failure, I took some precautions that may help this one last longer.

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