Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Salt Creek CG, Joyce, Washington

Tuesday: (10/11) PBJ English muffins for breakfast. We hooked up and left our wonderful campsite at the Port. Unfortunately, we spotted a couple of more thrift stores on our way out of town. We had to wait about 20 minutes for them to open at 10am but, of course, we had to wait. We also spotted the Vintage Hardware And Lighting store (http://www.vintagehardware.com). It looked too interesting to miss as well, It was. In addition to the best vintage hardware we've ever seen, all made by them here, we also enjoyed the Art Deco Lighting Museum upstairs. It was interesting to learn they moved up here from Campbell, California, near our home, in 2001. We finally departed. We stopped at the 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim and Lou earned a few dollars before we departed.

Sequim Sunny Farms Market
Next, we stopped at the Sunny Farms Store where we picked up some fresh veggies and enjoyed a look at their nursery. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch before we left the nursery. Next stop was another thrift store in Port Angeles where I found another shirt.

Salt Creek CG, Port Angeles Salt Creek CG, Port Angeles
We finally made our way about 10 miles West of Port Angeles to the Salt Creek Campground where we'll be staying a couple of days. One interesting thing about this campground, other than the outstanding views of the Juan De Fuca Strait and Vancouver island beyond, is that we have an opposite situation here in the campground. We only get a roaming cell phone signal from the Canadian side of the strait. We experienced, and appreciated the reverse when we were in Victoria and had a good Verizon cell signal there. Fortunately, it's a short walk to the self registration kiosk where we can get Verizon again. We had some rain today but got to see this nice rainbow when it finally stopped.

Mexican Cornbread
For dinner Lou made stuffed cornbread.

Smoked Pork Chops with Potatoes and Eggs
Wednesday: (10/12) Lou prepared a smoked pork chop with home fried potatoes and Mexican sweet peppers with eggs all thanks to our visit to the the Sunny Farms Market yesterday. We had occasional rain showers during the night but this morning was overcast but clear so we enjoyed our perch view of the strait.

Lou and I took a walk up to the old big gun bunkers above our campsite.

Salt Creek Recreation Area Tide Pools Salt Creek Recreation Area Salt Creek Recreation Area Tide Pools
We also stopped by the tide pools below the cliffs near our camp.

Salt Creek Recreation Area Island Salt Creek Recreation Area
An island and the kelp beds below our campground.

Salt Creek Recreation Area Mushroom
Since there were no flowers, mushrooms have to do for blossoms.

Lunch was leftover tomato soup. This morning I tried to start the Jeep and the battery was dead. Yesterday when we unhooked it it wouldn't run and kept dying. Somehow in that effort I managed to leave the key in the ignition and on so no wonder the battery died. After lunch I pushed the Jeep away from in front of the RV so that I could move the RV out to jump the jeep. It started and ran nicely. To charge up the battery we took a little drive. We drove out in to Olympic National Park for a look but it's mostly closed down where we looked. We continued on into Port Angeles and walked downtown looking at some antique shops. Then we tried to find an Indian Casino that was supposed to be just 7 miles west of Port Angeles. We're camped about 15 miles West of Port Angeles. The casino is small and very out of the way, probably mostly because there are no signs directing one to it through a maze of local roads. We stumbled upon it finally. It only had a deli for food but they had a special pot roast dinner tonight. We each had one and the tab was less than seven dollars for both. No wonder the deli was packed with patrons. We finally found our way home and the Jeep was charged. I drove the Jeep back up to the entrance of the park so I could get a Verizon signal which allowed me to update the website.
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