Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surrey, BC

Saturday: (10/01) Lou made home fries with ham and eggs for breakfast. Lou did the laundry while I worked on the roof caulking the antenna and cable pass through. No obvious location of the leak, unfortunately. For lunch we had a nice salad with tomatoes, three beans, ham, peppers, grilled onions with a sesame sauce. We took a short drive around the Newton area of Surrey visited a thrift store and did a little shopping. But for the most part we hung around the RV today. For dinner we had chipolata sausage with mashed potatoes and corn.

Sunday: (10/02) Mushroom and cheese omelets with home fried potatoes for breakfast.
We bought our day passes and caught the bus to the Skytrain to downtown Vancouver, then another bus out to Stanley Park.

Sea Otters At Vancouver's Stanley Park The Seawall Trail At Vancouver's Stanley Park
We walked the sea wall trail back to downtown. We shared a Vietnamese submarine sandwich for lunch. Another bus took us out to Broadway Street where we walked around visiting some of the shops. We stopped at a Greek bakery where we shared a cookie and some rice pudding. Then we caught another bus out to the University. We thought we might take a look at the Botanical Gardens but we arrived as they were closing for the day.  Another bus brought us back to the Skytrain where we caught a final bus home. Another day consumed. Lou served some of her home made chili and toast for dinner. This is our last night here. We return to the US tomorrow.
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