Friday, November 18, 2011

The Chauffeur

Friday: (11/18) Oatmeal for breakfast. A little before noon Dawn and I headed to San Jose. We stopped for lunch at the Valley Fair Mall. I had some Chinese and Dawn had an interesting apple fig and brie grilled cheese sandwich. I dropped Dawn off at a convention in San Jose and visited Dawn's apartment to fix some things then visited a friend there. Lou was busy recovering from her cold and visiting a rummage sale. For dinner Lou made smoked pork chops, baked potatoes, and a green salad. Nice day with rain in the evening.

Saturday: (11/19) Popcorn with milk and honey for breakfast. Dawn and I were down in San Jose again. I acted as chauffeur and Dawn attended the convention again. Lunch was a visit to the Super Chinese Buffet in San Jose. I did some shopping and computing while I waited for Dawn. For dinner we had pizza at home. In the evening we all went to the Telabration, a story telling event here in Palo Alto presented by the Southbay Storytellers and Listeners. Excellent stories and tellers as well as a nice harpist. We had a nice clear sky in the morning turning to high overcast in the afternoon and rain in the evening.

Sunday: (11/20) Tinkering around the house was the task of the day. I fixed Ernie's oven, unclogged the pilot orifice.  Lou was busy cleaning and laundering. Dawn was at her convention in San Jose. Tuna, sprouts and cheese omelets for breakfast.  A visit to LUU Noodle House for our usual shared chow fun combination and some egg rolls for lunch. Baked potatoes with BBQ pork ribs and a green salad. For desert, we enjoyed some pineapple upside down cake that Ernie baked.

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