Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Year Begin

Monday: (01/02) The day started with the viewing of the Rose Parade, on TV this year but maybe in person next year. Leftovers for me and grits for Lou for breakfast. More leftovers for lunch, pizza and cheese sticks. The last day of the holiday weeks was spent doing the usual not much. Hamburgers with home made hamburger buns and some okra soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/03) Tinkering at home today. Breakfast lunch was a Subway sandwich. Dinner was chicken cordon bleu with rice and brussel sprouts.

Wednesday: (01/04) We were off early to Mountain View where we had pork buns for breakfast. We had a calendar confusion today. i had intended to head up to San Francisco and lou thought she had a dentist appoint. Neither happened. We stopped by the dentist to see if her appointment was today it wasn't, it's tomorrow. I had forgotton a doctors appoint so i didn't make it to SF. We did some shopping near the doctors offices as we waited for my appointment. For lunch we stopped at the Country Inn in Cupertino. I had chicken fried stead and eggs with Swedish pancakes. Lou had their lunch special beef noodles. Dinner was leftover okra soup and a pepper tomato ham salad.

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