Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Darned Cold

Wednesday: (02/29) Cereal for breakfast. A cold and rainy day. Lou worked in the garden some this morning and then worked on her dolls. I got a quote for the tree removal from one of the contractors the city recommended which also was the outfit that trimmed the tree about 4-5 years ago and did our oak tree a couple of years ago. Their quote was twice what the city would charge us so we'll give the job to the city. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. More work in the office in the afternoon. For dinner we went to Lou's favorite place, LUU Noodle House. We shared a combination chow mein and a combination wonton soup.

Thursday: (03/01) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It's another cold day with some good rain as well. About noon we headed down to San Jose. We stopped at King Eggroll for lunch. Lou and i shared a combination of chowmein, almond chicken, egg roll and shrimp balls. yum Yum. Dawn had a few fried banana pieces and some pot stickers. After lunch we stopped by the City Of San Jose Maintenance Yard on Maybury Rd to deliver the approval form for them to remove our tree. We also stopped by Dawn's place then we visited Southern Lumber, a high class lumber store there in San Jose. They have things not found at other stores in the area. Lou found some of the pipe plugs she wants for the gliders chairs we recently bought. She bought them out. We also visited Lowe's and they had some more. Then, of course, we visited thrift stores on the way home. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage.

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