Friday, February 17, 2012

Return To Los Algodones For Another Tooth

Thursday: (02/16) Arrived back at the Quetchan Casino near Yuma. We parked the motorhome and Lou drove me down to the border and dropped me off. I crossed in to Los Algodones by 11am. I stopped in at the Dentist office and they all had a worried look on their faces. No I hadn't returned because of a problem with the troublesome crown of a week ago. I had broken different tooth. It's a good thing we hadn't traveled too far. It was only about 150 miles back from Borrego Springs this morning. I was all fitted for my new crown by 1230 but had to wait the hour to get the temporary installed. After it was installed I stopped by at the taco stand for a couple of shrimp tacos and a milk shake. I can't pass them up. Lou had hot dogs for lunch, poor girl! I then caught the pedicab across the border. It does save waiting time. We had Lou's home made enchiladas from the freezer for dinner with some leftover cauliflower. When I finally checked my email i saw an email from the ISP that hosts my websites. They advised that they had disabled six of my blogs due to being a source for spam. Those old Wordpress blogs had been hacked and had code injected that allowed them to relay email. Only one blog is important to restore quickly. All I did this evening was place an "out of order" page on the site instead of a blank screen. Fortunately I do have a backup copy of the database only one month old.

Friday: (02/17) We were up early and had our ham and eggs breakfasts in the casino. I came out and worked on the websites for a while before we headed over to my 11am appointment to get my permanent crown. We also stopped in to get some driving glasses for me. Now maybe I'll be able to read the street signs. After the appropriate wait, Lou and I had lunch at the La Rancheria restaurant. We shared a margarita and a combination chilli relleno, tomale and enchilada, all very good. After lunch Lou headed on across the border so she could get some thrift store looking and grocery shopping done. I had to wait to pick up my glasses but finally got in line for the pedicab about 3:15. the place was really crowded today so there was about a 30 minute wait for the cab, still way less wait than for the walk through crossing. Unfortunately we did get flagged over for additional inspection which added another 10 minutes. I was finally walking back toward the casino by 4:15 and arrived at the RV at 4:45. Pretty much spent the day. I didn't get much done on the websites like I had planned. That's why they make tomorrows, I guess. For dinner we had roast chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots.

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