Sunday, March 4, 2012

Garden Preparation

Sunday: (03/04) More French toast and sausage for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy working in the garden today. It's all prepared to plant now. I tinkered in the shop a little. Leftovers for lunch, corned beef and cabbage, savory coleslaw, and stew. In the afternoon I worked in the office. Lou made chili for dinner.

Wilton Arbor 3-6-2012 9-24-1 Wilton Garden 3-7-2012 10-50-3
Monday: (03/05) Corned beef hash for breakfast. We worked in the yard most of the day. I unwrapped the strawberries, plucked them, and planted replacement plants as needed. I also cleaned out the front flower bed, pruning the geraniums. Lou was busy in the garden. Chili for lunch. We also moved some of the hanging plants out of the green house to the arbor. Tacos for dinner. For March it's more like summer. I hope it stays this way now. The bare naked arbor will hopefully soon recover and provide shade. It usually does. Lou and Dawns garden on the right. We should get a good berry crop this year.

Tuesday: (03/06) Granola for breakfast. A breezy and cold morning. Lou was busy planting the garden today. I trimmed the hanging basket plants in the arbor getting rid of the dead leaves. Quesodillas for lunch. I tinkered in the office much of the day. Salmon with rice and a green salad for dinner.

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